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Reconstruction and modernisation of old concrete plants

In addition to new modern concrete plants we could find nowadays in operation also old concrete plants which age ranges over 25 years. This plants work in configurations which were originally designed and built or have already undergone partial reconstruction. Reasons for the reconstruction may be for instance enhancement of concrete plant performance, improvement the quality of concrete produced, increasing the efficiency of the production process of concrete mixture and similarly. After thorough reconstruction performed concrete plant can usually operates for many years. Lifetime lenght of the reconstructed concrete plant depends largely on the previous good service and quality maintenance.

When performing the reconstruction of concrete plant we consider the following factors:
  • Assessment and adjustment of the static construction of original machine
  • Static assessment of machine bases
  • Increase the collection height of concrete mixture (new types of concrete mixer trucks)
  • Separation of weighting from transport of aggregates into the mixer
  • In the reconstruction of concrete plant related to the replacement for more powerful concrete mixer the replacement of other components can not be forgotten (adjustment of aggregates dozer output or replacement of aggregates stockyard for line reservoirs for aggregates with tensiometer weighted belt conveyor, adjustment of basket drive and similarly)
  • Review the energy capacity (electricity, water, compressed air)
  • Replacement of electrical components and the reconstruction of electricity distributor
  • Computerisation of weighting machines, ie. transition to tensiometric weighing
  • Automation of the production process (adjustment of manual control system to semi-manual or fully automatic control system)